Maximize Your Energy All Day Long

We all love to have energy to do all the things we want to do throughout the day.

We want to be there for our family, exercise, work, spend time with friends, and have some alone time as well. It's a lot.

That's why it's critical we maintain healthy energy levels throughout the day.

All too often, we end up crashing in the afternoon, and we need something to pick us up and get our energy back.

It's much better if we can instead maintain steady levels of energy from within.

Here are our tips for maintaining healthy energy over your entire day.

#1: Know Your Why

Energy is a mental game more than anything. Knowing your why, what motivates you, what drives you, your mission, your purpose here on Planet Earth, is the true source of energy. We're meaning-making machines. Without meaning we're lost, and your energy levels are going to reflect that.

#2: Get Good Sleep

Your day starts the night before. Have a good wind-down routine. For me, sauna or a hot bath helps my body relax and get ready for sleep. Meditation, self-hypnosis, prayer, and journaling are also great options. Decide on a ritual and stick with it. Start short. You can always expand it later.

#3: Exercise Right

Using your body physically, not just mentally, is critical. You need to use energy to create energy. Find one solid workout routine that gives your body a good all-round workout—flexibility, strength, cardio, and detoxing—and make that your go-to, and then supplement with micro-workouts during the day to give your energy levels a jolt. For a solid base workout, I recommend Pafei, created by the same guy who created Body Meal.

#4: Drink More Water

Water is the liquid of life. We need it to stay well. Get good quality water, and drink lots of it. Plain, clean water. Nothing added. You can drink water-with-stuff also, but it doesn't count as water intake. I recommend you invest in a good reverse osmosis water filter if you can. It makes a huge difference.

#5: Eat Light Meals

Your body is really at its best when it's fasting. That's when it can finally catch up with all the stuff you've fed it up until now, and get to clean out some of the toxins that have built up.

But fasting also has drawbacks. At some point you'll want to eat something. And especially if you're going to do hard physical or mental work, your body and your brain needs some fuel.

That's where Body Meal comes in.

Body Meal is designed to give your body all the nutrients it needs, without any of the stuff it needs to get rid of.

It supports your body in the important cleaning, healing, and detox work it needs to do, while also giving you the nutrients you need to perform at your best.

And it comes in a convenient powder form, easy to mix at home or on the go. Just stir it into a glass of water, and you've got your perfect meal ready. And it's darn tasty, too.

Give Body Meal a try today.