About Body Meal®

The Philosophy

Andrrew Ethen Elliott Mogensen
Andrrew Ethen Elliott Mogensen
Creator of Body Meal®. Founder of Body-SDS

"For me, health is both physical and mental, and for many years I’ve experimented with diet and dietary habits in order to learn and get a sense of what the body and the psyche need to maintain balance and remain healthy and stable.

In order to test reactions and results on my own body, I’ve varied my diet periodically by eating an exclusively vegan diet, completely refrained from eating gluten and sugar, dropped carbohydrates totally, and tried eating only meat and vegetables.

I’ve also experimented with prolonged fastings, such as water fasting, where you deliberately deprive the body of nourishment by emptying its nutritional reserves and thereby also deep-lying waste stored in the intestines and the liver.

In addition, I’ve given over 80,000 Body SDS treatments and trained myself and other athletes involved in sport at the highest levels."

Developed From Experience

"It is this range of experience which has formed the basis of the development of Vegan Power Meal, and it has turned out to be exactly the product I dreamed of.

All my knowledge and my experience have been combined into a 100 % vegan meal – without gluten and lactose. It’s a meal that’s been carefully designed and put together with the aim of keeping the body in a state of balance."

Bringing Body Meal® to the US

Calvin Correli, founder of Body Meal® US

Calvin Correli, New York based entrepreneur, originally from Denmark

I first discovered Bengt's work back in 2007 through one of his early students. Later, I started getting sessions from Bengt personally, and in 2017, my wife and I started working much more closely 1-on-2 with Bengt.

My wife's suitcase filled with Body Meal® in the old Danish packagingWhen Body Meal® came out, we were immediately hooked, and we started schlepping suitcases full of Body Meal® back home to New York each time we'd visit Copenhagen.

In April 2019, I was on Necker Island with Richard Branson and a bunch of amazing entrepreneurs, and of course I'd brought some Body Meal with me for my own use. (And of course I gave Richard some, which is a funny story I'll share some other day.)

Me, Richard, and Body Meal® on Necker Island

One night over dinner as I was grumbling about having to haul this stuff to America myself, one of the other entrepreneurs said "why don't you license it and do it yourself?" I'd never thought of that, didn't really know anything about licensing stuff. But I started researching, negotiating with Bengt and his team, started looking for manufacturers and learning everything I needed to know about doing supplements and food products. And trust me, there's a lot to learn!

But here we are, 2 years later, with a product in the US.

Can't wait to get it into your hands.

What Body Meal® Has Done For Me Personally

Body Meal® has been absolutely game changing in my life.

I used to eat like crap. My favorite foods were pizza, pasta, and cheese burgers. Did I mention I'm gluten intolerant? Tons of cheese too. Yeah, I'm dairy-intolerant as well. Happy days. Imagine what it felt like inside my body. Bloated. Sloggish. Brain fog. Weight gain. Leaky gut, meaning stuff leak from your intenstines into your blood stream, which is not where it's supposed to be. Not a good situation.

In the beginning, I'd simply replace breakfast with Body Meal®. Later, I'd often replace lunch, too, with Body Meal®.

There was no sacrifice in this. Body Meal® tastes great, and fills me up perfectly. And it's so much easier and faster than having to cook a meal and clean afterwards. Or go buy a meal somewhere.

Over time my body chemistry started changing (no, that's not a scientific term), and I started to feel naturally much better in my body. I no longer craved pizza, pasta, alcohol, sugar, or all the other things I used to need to feed myself to keep myself emotionally stable.

It was a slow, gradual, completely pain free process.

At one point, I did 21 days of nothing but Body Meal®. It felt great. I do love food, though, so I didn't continue past the 21 days. But at the end of that period, I had six pack abs, I'm telling you.

 Bengt says you can live off of this thing for a year or more, and your body will start healing more and more from the inside. I don't know if that's true, so please don't take that as official medical advice. I am not a doctor. Neither is Bengt. So do consult with your doctor. And really, don't do this. But it's just to say that Body Meal® is designed to be a super healthy meal that gives your body exactly what it needs and nothing else.

Most foods you eat come with good stuff you want (the nutrients), and then it comes with a bunch of garbage you don't want. Every time you eat regular food, you add a bit of bad stuff. Your organs will need to get rid of that. Your liver, your kidneys, your gallbladder, and whatever they all are called. Again, I'm not a doctor. This is not medical advice.

And because most of us keep throwing stuff in there, eating three meals a day and snacking in-between, your body never gets a break where it can actually process all that gunk.

With Body Meal® you're only giving your body the good stuff, which leaves it with more energy to clean and heal itself.

This is just my personal story, and my understanding of how this works. Try it for yourself and see what you find.

And do consult with a doctor, as—IANAD—I Am Not A Doctor.

–Calvin Correli
Founder of Body Meal USA